Ms Westwood protecting the Baby Phats

…And Vince Camuto with a hair-a-blazin’

Old School Vivienne

Pleaser stilettos for Valentines

6 inches of Pleaser

St Bette

Among the Saints


In posts to come, I will feature shoe closets of friends.
It’s a new category that I’ve thought of because they adore shoes as much as I do!
When I announce I’m doing a shoe blog, I receive one of two reactions:
1. Ooh, I loooovvvvve shoes…ok..lets give it a go, or,
2. (Sheepishly) Oh, gosh, do I have a shoe closet.
Whatever the response, the idea is well received.
News flash…before it slips my mind…I acquired a new (refurbished) Nikon Coolpix. What a difference a real camera makes!


Shall we step inside my Big Sister’s closet?

He’s known to some as Aunti Em, Fairy Godmother or just M-Shane.
A hair stylist for film and TV, M adores Vivienne Westwood as much as I do, if not more.
In fact, when one steps into his studio, a life sized, faux-gold framed photo of Ms.Westwood envelopes the west entrance wall.
Mmm, Vivienne!
You’ll see bits of her behind his collection of heels.
My, my, heels everywhere! I think I will have to do a Part 2.
He, like most New Yorkers, have accomplished to fit their entire lives into dollhouse shell. Every nook and cranny of his home/studio is adorned with books, photos of family, and pix of his guardian angels, Bette and Chaka, both whom he’s worked with in the past. In his work studio, makeup, hair, hair product, more makeup(?) and more product. There are hidden shelves and closets with yes, product! It’s always a treat to go to M’s abode, so much to see and try on.