Here he is..Dr Dan!


Oh, Girbaud!


The Infamous Green Tongue

Walter Steiger

Issey Miyake

PF Flyers


Dion Snowshoes

By, Modern

By, Modern

By, Modern

Very excited when Dan agreed to a photo shoot. Last Sunday morning in Midtown, crisp, clear air. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day.
I’ve always admired Dan’s style.
Let’s see how would I describe it?


That’s it.

It’s something that can’t be contained in a word.
The man does it all – Sports medicine doctor, athlete, actor, North Pole marathoner(!) author -just to name a few. He embraces it all. I like to think of him as a Life Enthusiast.
The skylights in the living and dining room supply plenty of sun in Dan’s petite, one-bedroom penthouse. MOMA is literally across the street from his abode once owned by a doctor and his actress wife around the 1890s. Fast forward half a century: owner Gloria Vanderbilt had a greenhouse constructed on the roof which decades later would become Dan’s penthouse.
Alright, I know, the shoes.You know what Dan does sometimes, he’ll wear the left to one and the right of another, even to a Black-tie affair, just because. He loves a good consignment and vintage crawl as I do. Angels Thrift, Fisch for the Hip, A Second Chance are ones he favors.
“How many pairs of shoes do you own Dan?”, I asked.
“Oh I don’t know. Let’s pull them out and see there darling.”
And thus it began. We began the task of removing the shoes from his closet. There were shoes upon shoes, boots behind boots, shoes that were yet to have there debut. We counted up to 50, and there was yet an unseen community still in the closet (!) He seemed to have a story for nearly every pair, even remembering where they were purchased and how much he spent.
My eyes can’t be deceiving me, I spotted two sets of one pair, twice.
“Dan, did you know you have two pairs of the same shoe? See look,”  I pointed out.
“Oh yeah, I do that sometimes. Those were on sale. There was a closeout, there, somewhere on his shoes. Everything was 90% off,”  he says matter of factly.
“His” being the one-half of the design duo, Marithe’ + Francois Girbaud. Take a look at the sea of green tongues in the photos. That’s Girbaud. Dolce and Gabbbana are present somewhere in his colony of shoes, Modern-a Dutch brand –and Walter Steiger.
“Oh these are wicked,” I squeal.
“What’s that say in there honey?”
“Girbox Thaix,” I pronounce.
“Gir-what? Oh, that’s part of his collection again. I know my designers even though I don’t know how to pronounce them, coming from Kentucky.” We both laughed at that one.
Exquisite sense of humour.