“Meeting” by James Turrell

Me in my Native

No, that’s not a painting of a sky. It’s an open ceiling with actual sunlight beaming on my recent consignment find.
Well, its a find several weeks old, I just didn’t have a cool enough setting to photograph them in. And here I found it all the way in Queens under an open sky in a room (?)

So, I decided to spend a Sunday at PS1 and very happy I did.
I got to experience James Turrell’s installation, circa 1986.
See the timber benches surrounding the space? Look how they’re strategically facing inward.
Turrell’s purpose was to replicate the characteristics of a Quaker meetinghouse. Typically in a meetingroom, windows were set high so worshipers were not distracted by the outside world and seating was blank, flat, stark.

I couldn’t ask for a better platform to be still physically and mentally still.
The setting was right, the shoes perfect, day exquisite.