Polka Dot Ankle Boot

Meet Kat.
Originally from the states, she just returned after living in the UK for two years.
We chatted after about the arts, shoes, and somehow lingerie side-winded its way into the conversation.
I admire how artists begin in one medium and transition into another, as it all connected.Kat has played in a rock band, a punk band, a house band and is now a dancer. She’s going to be performing with the Jasmin Vardimon Company, a physical, theatrical, eccentric dance company which uses human behavior as its basis for its choreography.Do you see the connection?
For one, its all about performance, and secondly, its freeing your mind and your body to the Nth degree.

We had fun talking about her vices: lingerie and shoes (yes!)
Kat, I want to check out your closet!

We both agreed, its essential to invest in a good pair/set ( I wish she knew the name of the ones she was wearing-pooh).

You’ll definitely will hear more of Kat in the near future.
In the meantime polka you dot!