1461 Dr Martens

Jeffery x Sperry Top Cider


Basket Weave by Cole Haan

Vintage Justin

I love the word Yes!

I love that I can casually approach people, ask if I can photograph their amazing footwear and the reply is ‘Yes’.

It feels good.

Just wanted to post that.

I love Mens footwear now, it’s riskier and endless options. Years ago (please note I’m being generous), shoes were saturated and lifeless. Now, consumers are being pleasantly surprised.

Look at those white Dr Martens! I remember when I purchased my first pair of combat boots for $90 and a pair of pleather sky-blue jeans for $24.  Yes, Dr Martens made cra-cra jeans that I loved so  dearly. It was a big deal for me for several reasons; as a teen it was my first big investment, and, what does every young adult want to do? Fit in.

Dr Marten color options were:  bleak black or dried blood red or non-conformist forest green. So you had the Mie 1461 shoe, the mid-calf combat boot known as the 1460 and the non-conforming combat boot Vintage 1914. Colors: black, red ,mauve, blahblahblah, you get the picture. My Dr Marten fetish was short lived as I sold my pair to a consignment shop months later because the leather hurt my feet. But the jeans served me well for an additional 5 years.

Now Dr Martens come in high-strung colors, prints and lengths.

Are you noticing some Unisex action happening above. Seriously, Toms, Dr Martens, and the Jeffery x Sperry Top Spider can easily be worn by both sexes.

Anyway, thank you fellas.