Another fabulous night at Target 1st Saturdays at The Brooklyn Museum. Packed beyond, beyond, the gear was tight and the footwear, well you know, equally mint. And the people always kind.

Don’t worry Yasiin, I’ll get to you in a minute baby.

As you probably notice in older entries, rarely do I post faces, but Yasiin insisted. How could I resist. He was giving me total runway fever, hence the the title of this series. He was hanging out with Trey from London, and Chela, a kicks designer and her daughter.

Extremely fun energy.

Ok, so here we are.

I have it here. Limited edition, Nike and Kevin Durant collaboration known as the Easter KD.

To be frank, I didn’t even know who Kevin Durant was let alone what type of sport he played. But, thanks to Punch, the dashing gentleman who is modelling a pair for you above, he gave me a brief rundown on the lowdown. And I’m proud to showcase these Limited Editions.

Punch is in love.

Punch loves this shoe.

Punch loves shoes.

Thanks Punch.