Dr Martens


Air Colton Saddle Oxford by Cole Haan

River Island

Blucher, Balmoral, Brogue, oh my!

You’re probably wondering about these names.  Actually they’re more familiar than you think.

Balmoral, named after the Queen’s castle in Scotland, are better known as Oxfords to us Yanks. The Balmoral style of construction is referred to a closed-throated laced front because the eyelet tabs are stitched underneath the vamp  (the upper body).

Bluchers, or Derbys  are considered “open lacing”, or an open-throat front over the instep.

And a Brogue is characterized by perforations (or “brogueing” ) and serrations along the shoes visible edges as in the yellow +white pair by Wanted and Dr Marten boots.

Now, check this out.

The Dr Martens above can also be labeled as bluchers, just like the River Island lace-ups worn by Troy.

And there you have it.