Control the Alternatives

Control the Alternatives

Control the Alternatives


John Varvatos

Here, I’ve saved the best for last. I approached  a group who were hanging out by some floor spotlights, Troy(Fever at the Museum: Ay-Up-Me-Duck), Chela Simone, her lovely daughter, and stylist Yasin. Who knew I’d chat it up a designer that night but half of the fun about doing this blog is meeting people.

Chela Simone’s company, Control the Alternatives, is all about the Kicks. Aren’t the prints unreal? She’s going to be featured in The Fader and Complex Magazine. You could literally feel the excitement as she spoke.

And there was stylist Yasiin, whose ensemble was fabu. There he is giving the camera fevah!!!

They were great.

How much fun can a person have? Loads!