Gather ’round my sweets and I will tell you a tale of fire, firceness, and electricity.

It all happened once upon a waxing moon at the 8th annual Afropunk Fest at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, NY.

My weekend was mint – street skaters gone viral, death defying tricks by BMXers, bare-head beauties, heavily-locked(hair) studs, music out of control and, of course, the shoes. Whether they were spiked, wedged, or plain kicks, wow the kicks – my weekend was off the chain! 

I got to see all of my favorite artists: The Memorials from the Bay Area (love them), Bad Rabbits (what now?), and Spank Rock (everyday I wake up, it feel like my f*ing birfday). And then there was Mme. Badu. Erikah Badu. I got over the fact that she began her set 30 minutes late. As soon as she and The Cannabinoids appeared on stage Saturday night, I was a giddy teenager even though I ‘m far beyond that time.

Ms Badu brought it!  It was unreal.

And then came Sunday eve. The BMXers looked like they were having fun. I think in my next life I want to return as a fierce, lady BMXer. So jealous. Hey, they even found a lost child within seconds of hostess Militia’s annoucement. I kid you not, it took them 12 seconds to locate the 4 year old!

The highlight of Afropunk 2012, was Janelle Monae’.

She was on FYAH!! She and her band ripped it up. Performing singles from The Archandroid and Metropolis.

So, let’s review; the people were fierce, the community was electric, and the musicians brought the Fyah.

Not bad for a weekend in Brooklyn…