Wow! You guys are still with me. Right on! So listen I am going to continue my Fashion Week series and it you will see postings from the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, sprinkled with a little of Fashion’s Night Out on Friday.

The show was definitely outside of the walls of Lincoln Center’s theaters.But I have to say everyone was mint. I’ve mentioned in past postings that I use this word alot. It means…it means alot of things…lets say, tres cool, ok?

Of course there was plenty of Black; black boots, black heels, black platforms, black rubber, black pumps with studs, black platform heels with studs, black boots with tweed, black kicks, you get the picture. And yes, there was color. Iridescent, neoned, matted, glossed, velvet, silky, satiny…you had to be there. Don’t worry lovely I am bringing it to you. The following will be in black, with some hints of white, because its treated like textures. I was intrigued and have a new respect for the color.

I’m also going to revise a technique that I used to do months ago in my postings. It’s to include the names of those who are wearing the shoe and  a little something-something about them. I always have fun talking to people. I can’t help it, I’m a social person. And believe it or not, people feel comfortable chatting with me. And I’m going to switch it up later and have some music. It’ll be fun.

We’ll start with Dilan.

I loved asking Dilan, whose a designer, if I could photograph his boots. We were about to exchange cards (note to self: stock up on cards) when Dilan couldn’t reach into his pocket because he was too busy holding Baby, his 2 month old puppy. Adorable! So he asked his friend to kindly hand me a card. I love it! The show was definitely outside.

So are you ready? It’s going to be coming at you full speed.

Thanks for hanging out and checking in.


Rick Owen boots