Turning Over A New Leaf

Hello Shoe Lovers and 7  Twitter Followers,

Thanks for the support everyone.  I’m glad you like shoes as much as I do. I love it…the comments, the “likes” and you the followers.  It’s been 2 months since I posted a shoe…egad!

But here’s the deal, I had an epiphany.  Uh-hmm. I did.  It all began with the dinner party that never was.  Cue cinematic music.

This year is the year of gathering, or at least it says so in my chart. I arranged a couple of  dinners in my abode but due to apocalyptic weather here in the city, I’ve had to cancel them all. Folks were unhappy.  My dear friend T was unhappy. I was unhappy.  I texted T one morning and I requested her presence for a one-on-one dinner.  Sometimes you just have to do and the rest of it will fall into place.  And as expected, it was exquisite. She fascinates me with her young spirit and mission possible attitude.  My spirit was saying more, more!  I seem to attract that type of crowd.  Magicians I like to call them.  And Hustlers.  And Slashers.  Anyway I’ll fill you in later.

She asked what I was up to, venture-wise, and I told her I like doing this; sitting with friends, picking their brains, connecting people, seeing what type of ventures, or adventures they’re embarking on.

“Why don’t you do that,” she says.

“Hmm, really, you think so?,” I replied (hee-hee)

“Sure why not?” she says confidently, “Did you get the emails I’ve been sending you?”  Now the emails T are referring to has to do with a book.  It’s called,  The Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer.  We probably had this conversation in the past, or she being the Goddess that she is, knew I was determined to have these dinners.

Oh, I see!  T was putting a little whisper in my ear, or an ‘aha’ if you will.  My Spidey-senses were recharged!

Alright!  I’m creating a new blog; one that revolves around intimate gatherings over great music, storytelling, and yummy food.  So, atsomefactory  is officially “Under Construction”.  Oooh, so exciting!

Be on the lookout for a new name, new look, all that goody-good stuff, SOON!

Thank you again for the support.  Until then, see you at the gathering.



Easy As Cake

Dr Martens Floral Boot

Dr Martens Floral Boot

Wasting A High

Nike SB Dunk High in Blue Suede

Nike SB Dunk High in Blue Suede

The New Freedom


New Balance 574 Hike -Grey/Black-Yellow


Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow!

Converse Kicks

Converse Animal Print Kicks

Quiet Like A Ninja!


Air Jordan Air One


دراجة هوائية


Sporty B by Agnes B



Drown Deep

The Butte by Uggs

The Butte by Ugg



Boots by 80%20

“I Feel Like A Used Harlot!”


Boo Hoo




Mock Docs

Mock Docs

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